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My name is Frank P. Roy.
I am electronics engineer by profession, but an Egyptologist and photographer by passion. In 1992 I visited Egypt for the first time and since then have been in love with the country. I have a fascination with the ancient world, and find the ancient monuments of Egypt inspirational in their simplicity, beauty and form. I have been shooting on a professional basis since 1990. In 1998, 2002 I returned to Egypt with a medium format professional camera to photograph the ancient sites. My main Egyptological interest are the pyramids. I have organized the web site into areas of the pyramid sites. Also I have pages devoted to Egypt in general (Egypt Perspective), a time line page, an essay on the Osiris-Orion correlation, a map of Egypt showing were the pyramid sites are, a links page, travel information, an area devoted to the Egyptian Museum, pyramid statistics and finally an offer of large photographic prints. The site is now fully operational, with the "Travel to Egypt" still to be completed. I plan to fill in the Giza Plateau, Abu-Rawash, Zawiyet el-Aryan and Abusir in areas in the next few months, so come back often.