The mastaba of Mereruka.
The mastaba of Mereruka. The nastaba of Kagemni. The mastaba of Ankhmahor.htm
The mastaba of Kagemni.
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Mastabas on north side of Teti

Found here are two extraordinary beautiful 6th dynasty mastabas. That of Mereruka and Kagemni. The Mastaba of Ankhmahor is also near by, but is usually closed to tourist. The mastaba of Mereruka is usually the first mastaba encountered by the visitor. It has the best colors of all the mastabas in the area. The Mastaba of Kegemni is to the left around the corner. The relief are finer but the color less preserved. That of Ankhmahor is on the next 'block' over is normally closed to tourist.

The mastaba of Ankhmahor.