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Height 20m (unfinished)
Base 84m
Volume 47,040 cu. m
Dynasty 3
Satellite Pyramids (0)
Queens Pyramids (0)

The Pyramid of Khaba -The Layer Pyramid

According to Egyptologist Jacques Kinnaer, Khaba was the successor Sekemkhet, and the 3rd King of the 3rd dynasty. He ruled from 2631 to 2619 BCE, a total of 4 years. In the King-list Khaba is called Hudjefa. His pyramid is the so-called Layer Pyramid at Zawiyet el-Aryan. The pyramid is a step pyramid in the early stages of construction. The superstructure is typical of 3rd dynasty masonry, consisting of 14 accretions, leaning inward against a central core. Completed the pyramid probably would have risen 42-45 m. Today it is about 20m high. No trace of the casing were found indicating that the pyramid was never finished. The identification is from alabaster vessels found at nearby mastaba Z-500 just north of here. His name was found inscribed on these vessels. The area is very near a military compound, you even hear 'gunshot' practice. It is on the edge of a little town about a 10 minute walk out in the desert. The locals said that the name Zawiyet el-Aryan, has not been used in several decades thus giving the driver some difficulty in locating the area. The site is about 4km south of Giza.

Horus Khaba

View from the east