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Djoser Complex Heb-sed court

The Hed-Sed court is located right of the main entrance, on the canter of the east of the courtyard. Traditionally the Heb-sed court is used to celebrate the 30-year reign of the King. The structure is purely symbolic, it is also called the royal pavilion, or temple T. Probably all the structures connected to the Heb-sed celebrations were exact reproductions of similar structures actually used and of which no trace remains. They were utilized not so much for a royal celebration as for a symbolic ceremony that permitted the ka of the deceased king to celebrate the Heb-sed eternally, thus being regenerated.

Viewed from the east.

Height 60 m
Base 121 x 109 m
Volume 330,400 cu. m
Slope °
Dynasty 3
Satellite Pyramids (0)
Queens Pyramids (0)

Netjerykhet Djoser