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Egyptology sites

Dr. Zahi Hawass
Undersecretary of State of the Giza Monuments, Director of the Pyramids.

The Ancient Egypt Site
Egyptologist Jacques Kinnaer site. Best Egypt site on the web.

KMT's Official Web Site

Greg Reeder's Egypt Site

Department of Egyptology UQAM
(French) University of Quebec at Montreal.

Giza Plateau Computer Model
Mark Lehner, University of Chicago.

Nova Pyramids

Guardians Egypt
Superb Site!

Egyptian Monuments
Descriptions and photographs of the ancient Egyptian monuments. Very comprehensive. By Su Bayfield.

Giza on Line

Early Dynastic Egypt
Francesco Raffaeles' Egypt site. Excellent site on early Egypt.

The Egyptian Society of South Africa

Absolute Egyptology
Web site about Egypt in the earliest time by Ottar Vendel.

Gateway To Ancient Egypt
Diane Day's Egypt web site.

A holistic and spiritual approach to Ancient Egypt, by Dr. Ramses Saleem

Gateway to Egypt
Site by Basem Salah. An Egyptologist and tour guide and operator in Egypt.

Digital Egypt
Digital Egypt for Universities. A learning and teaching resource for higher education.

Archaeogate, with more than 20,000 pages and 3,000 images,
is the first archaeology web portal in Italy, and one of
the most visited internationally.

Discovering Egypt
Mark Millmore's Ancient Egypt. Very good site with lots of 3D re-constructions.


Scared Sites
The Sacred Site Pilgrimage of Martin Gray.

Hit television series based on Ancient Egypt.

The Daily Grail
News and information.

Digital Light and Color
Photo editing tools used in this website