The mastaba of Ptahotep and Akhethotep

Just west of the step pyramid, about 500m, is the double mastaba of Ptah-Hotep and Akhet-Hotep. Akhet-hotep was a dignitary who lived during the end of the fifth dynasty. The beauty of the bas-reliefs of Ptah-hotep's portion of the tomb, Akhet-Hotep's son,which is almost an annex of the main tomb, has given this mastaba its common name of the tomb of Ptah-hotep.

Ptah-Hotep seated.
Ptahotep offering

Mastabas of Ptah-hotep/Akhet-hotep entrance.

Ptah-hotep - Vizier and Judge, Supervisor of Prophets of the Pyramids of Menkauhor and Isesi, Supervisor of the Priests of the Pyramid of Niuserre
Akhet-hotep - Vizier and Judge, Supervisor of the Pyramid Cities and Supervisor of the Prophets of the Pyramid Niuserre, Djedkare Isesi and Menkauhor.
Period - end of the Fifth Dynasty, reigns of Djedkare Isesi and Unas.

The mastaba of Ptah-hotep and Akhet-hotep.

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Ptahotep effering
Ptahotep scribe