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This view of the pyramid 'Of the Unknown Queen' is looking northeast into the Nile valley. The central area of the pyramid has been extensively destroyed with a gapping large hole.. To the right is the mortuary temple which appears below the level of the surrounding desert.

The Pyramid of the Unknown Queen

This pyramid is located on the northeast side of the enclosure wall. It appears almost volcano like with its large central crater dug out by stone and grave robbers. To date the owner of the pyramid has not been identified. Although a thorough excavation of the site as yet to be done.

Pyramid the Unknown Queen
Height 21 m
Base c. 41 m
Slope 62°
Dynasty 5
Satellite Pyramids (1)

Beautiful is Djedkare-Isesi

Cult pyramid of the Unknown Queen
Height ?
Base c. 4m
Slope ?
Dynasty 5

The mortuary temple "off the Unknown Queen' viewed looking east-northeast into the Nile valley. It is in a very bad state but the general plan can be made out.

Pyramid of the Unknown Queen looking east over the perimeter wall of Djedkare's pyramid. To the right of the Pyramid is the mortuary temple. In the back ground is the Nile Valley.