Desert view.
The pyramid of Pepi II Contact author
Pepi II's pcult pyramid.
The Pyramid Pepi II

The pyramid of Pepi II is the last pyramid of any significance built during the old kingdom. Although Pepi II reigned for some 94 years his pyramid is not bigger than other 6th dynasty pyramids. Suggesting that pyramids during this 6th dynasty followed a predefined plan. The pyramid is difficult to reach, a 30 minute walk into the desert through soft sand is required to reach it. A knowledgeable taxi driver is required to find the area, and a walk through the village of Saqqara will be needed to reach the edge of the desert. The giant mastaba of the 4th dynasty ruler Shepseskaf, is located 100 meters to the southeast and the small 8th dynasty pyramid of Ibi is 250 meters east of Pepi II's pyramid. Pepi II's pyramid is in a good state of preservation and worth visiting. Some of the original casing of fine Tura limestone is still in situ. The core is built of small pieces of limestone irregularly placed, and appears today has a stepped pyramid. There are a few pieces of beautifully carved granite and limestone in the courtyard. There is also a wonderful granite stela of Pepi II embracing Horus to be found there.

The noth face of Pepi II's pyramid.

Height 52.5 m
Base 78.75 m
Volume c. 107,835 cu. m
Slope 52° 07' 48"
Dynasty 6
Satellite Pyramids (1)
Queens Pyramids (3)
Ruled 94 years

Nefer-Ka-Re-Pipi ---Pepi is Established and Living --
Pepi's Life is Enduring

The west face of Pepi II's pyramid
The soutwest corner of Pepi II's pyramid.
The southeast corner of Pepi II's pyramid showing some of the white limestone casing. Notice the large gap between the core and the outer casing. The core construction method is also clearly visible in this image.