The Southern Shinning Pyramid

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Height 105m
Base 188m
Volume 1,237,040 cu. m
Slope 54° 27", 44" 43° 22'
Dynasty 4
Satellite Pyramids (1)
Queens Pyramids (0)
Ruled 24 years

Sneferu's South (Bent) Pyramid


Detail view of the west face of Sneferu's Bent Pyramid. The core blocks are large but somewhat irregular. The anchoring method of the casing stones is very clear. Probably the casing stones were laid rough and finished later.

The Bent Pyramid is unique in having two entrances, one on the north and another on the west. The western entrance, 65m above the ground level, leads to a corridor to portcullis blocking systems to another burial chamber, with a corbelled roof. This is at a higher level than the first, from the north entrance. Here once again, structural instability is evident as the chamber was completely shored up with balks and scaffolding of great cedar beams.