The Pyramids at Dahshur
Sneferu's North Pyramid (Red)
Sneferu's South Pyramid (Bent)
Amememhet II
Amememhet III
Semwosret III
Central Dahshur
Lepsius L
South Dahshur A
South Dahshur B
North Mazghuna
South Mazghuna


Sneferu's North Pyramid.
Sneferu's North Pyramid. Sneferu's South Pyramid. The Black Pyramid The Pyramid of Amemehet II The Pyramid of Senwosret III The Pyramids of South Mazghuna. South Dahshur
Sneferu's South Pyramid.
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The Black Pyramid
The Pyramid of Amemehet II
The Pyramids of Mazghuna.
The Pyramid of Senwosret III

Dahshur is located about 8km south of Saqqara. The site is dominated by the 4th dynasty pyramids of Sneferu, the Red Pyramid and the Bent Pyramid, which can be seen from the Step Pyramid. Sneferu's Pyramids are easy to reach, there is a road that goes right up to them. But the other pyramids are very difficult to reach. One is near the entrance to the necropolis, but lies within the boundaries of a refinery. The others require a long walk through the soft sand, if you can find them! The first pyramid encountered is the Red (North) pyramid of Sneferu. The name derives from the color of the limestone used to build the pyramid. The Red pyramid is extremely large, almost as large as Khufu's Pyramid. The pyramid is entered from the north. The entrance is almost halfway way the the side, and is reached by a metal staircase. The interior is well worth exploring, it as many features used in the Great Pyramid were first used here. The Bent (South) Pyramid of Sneferu is located about 2km south. It is one of the rare pyramids were most of it's casing is still intact. This is considered the first true pyramid in Egypt. The bent shape, which occurs about half way up, is believed to be caused by sudden change in plans by the Ancient Egyptians. Egyptologist believe that the plan slope was changed (from 60° to 55°) to accommodate cracks in the foundation. Although this is just conjecture, It's not inconceivable that the Ancient Egyptian's intended it this way. To the immediate east of the Bent Pyramid is the 12th dynasty mudbrick pyramid of Amememhet II, called by the locals "The Black Pyramid", because of its dark appearance. The 12th dynasty mudbrick pyramid of Senwosret III is located a few hundred meters on the right to the road that leads to the Red Pyramid. It is located next to an oil refinery and is difficult to access. To the south of the Red Pyramid is the 12th dynasty pyramid of Amememhet II and the Central Dashur Pyramid. Both require a 20 minute walk through the soft sand from the side of the road. The other 5 pyramids are late middle kingdom. All are very difficult to reach and require an knowledgeable person to locate them.