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View from the east

The tomb of Queen Khentkawes represents the connection between the fourth and fifth dynasties. She is shown wearing the uraeus and false beard - symbols of kingship. Her remarkable tomb has a base consisting of a large cube of bedrock reserved has the stone around it was quarried for the pyramids. On top of the cube is masonry structure shaped like a mastaba. The lower bedrock section was encased in fine Turah limestone. On the tomb's granite gate Selim Hassan found a title that translates either as 'The Mother of two Kings of Upper and Lower Egypt' or 'The king of Upper and Lower Egypt'. In Abusir there another pyramid bearing the name Khentkawes , but these appear to be a generation apart

The Pyramid of Khentkawes

View from the west

Height 17.5
Base 45.5m x 45.8m
Volume 6,372cu. m (upper)
Slope c.72°
Dynasty 4
Satellite Pyramids (0)
Queens Pyramids (0)