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The mastaba of Mereruka

This is definitely a highlight of any visit to Saqqara. The extraordinary beautiful colored high relief's in Mereruka's mastaba are nothing short of stunning. Mereruka was vizier under King Teti. It the largest private tomb of the Old Kingdom with over 1000 sq. m. It was first excavated in 1892 by Jacques de Morgan. 17 rooms are devoted to Mereruka and rest divided between princess Watethathor, the daughter of Teti and his son Meryteti. The complex has only one entrance on the south side which is unusual. It is beautifully decorated with bas-reliefs depicting the deceased and his wife

The mastaba of Mereruka door jamb.
The mastaba of Mereruka door jamb detail.
The mastaba of Mereruka relief.
The mastaba of Mereruka relief2.