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Menkaure's Satellite Pyramids viewed from the west

There are three satellite pyramids situated on the south side. These were almost certainly for the Queens of Menkaure. The body of a young women was found in the middle pyramid (GIIb)

Menkaure is Divine

Menkaure's Satellite Pyramids

The Pyramid of Menkaure

Pyramid GIIIa seen from the southwest

Pyramid GIIIa is believe to belong to Queen Khamerernebty II. The internal substructure is T-shaped is suggest it was originally intended has a Ka-Pyarmid and later converted. It is situated almost exactly on the canter axis of the main pyramid. It did however contain a granite sarcophagus and it had an eastern chapel.

GIIIa seen from the northeast

Height 65m
Base 105.46m x 105.46m*
Volume 235,183 cu. m
Slope 51° 20' 25"
Dynasty 4
Satellite Pyramids (0)
Queens Pyramids (3)
* based on Petrie