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The pyramid of Pepi I mortuary temple

This part of the complex has not been fully excavated yet. However the general plan can be made out. The temple is in a much ruined state. But blocks of granite with the names of Pepi I can be found in the area. Also some beautifully carved limestone blocks, some with the colors still intact are also to be seen.

Men-nefer-Pipi ---The Perfection of Pepi is Established -----Pepi's splendor is enduring

The mortuary temple viewed from the top of Pepi I's pyramid looking east. The sanctuary is to the left of canter. In the background is the Nile valley.

Height 52.5 m
Base c. 78.75 m
Volume 107,835 cu. m
Slope 53° 07' 48"
Dynasty 6
Satellite Pyramids (1)
Queens Pyramids (6)

View looking from just east of the cult pyramid with Pepi I's pyramid to the left in the scene. The sanctuary is in the canter with re-erected door jambs.
View looking northwest toward the sanctuary and the Pyramid of Pepi I.
The pyramid of Pepi I relief