The pyramid of Pepi I desert view
The pyramid of Pepi I superstructure
The entrance to the pyramid.
The Pyramid of Pepi I

The pyramid of Pepi I is in a much ruined state. The top of the pyramid has been lopped off but 3 courses of the original limestone casing can be seen in several areas. The mortuary temple is built into the east face of the pyramid and there is enough remaining that you can make out the general plan. Blocks of pink granite with the cartouche of Pepi I are still visible on location. On the south side of the pyramid at least 6 subsidiary pyramids can be found including the pyramid of the Ba at the southeast corner. At my May 2002 visit much recent archeological is evident as debris has been cleared revealing a lot details at the queens pyramids. The area is some 2km south of the step pyramid and is difficult to reach. The easiest approach is via the nearby village of Saqqara. Although a good 25 minute walk thru the soft sand is still required. This early 6th dynasty pyramid complex is well preserved and worth the visit

Graffiti on core blocks of Pepi I.
A granite architrave with the names of Pepi I.
The pyramid ofPepi I  sloped faces.

Height 52.5 m
Base c. 78.75 m
Volume 107,835 cu. m
Slope 53° 07' 48"
Dynasty 6
Satellite Pyramids (1)
Queens Pyramids (6)

Men-nefer-Pipi ---The Perfection of Pepi is Established -----Pepi's splendor is enduring

Seen from the southeast corner.