Sun Temple of Niuserre.
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Sun Temple of Niuserre. The sun temple of Userkaf. The unfinished Pyramid of Shepseskare.
The sun temple of Userkaf.
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The Sun Temples at Abu Ghurab
The site of Abu Ghurab is actually part of the site of Abusir. It is about 1Km northeast of the pyramid of Sahure. About a 25 minutes walk in the soft sand. Abu Ghurab is a Fifth dynasty necropolis with two Sun Temples. The Sun Temple of Userkaf and the better preserved Sun Temple of Niuserre. There is another ruin which appears has a low mound of ruble. It is believed to be the unfinished pyramid is Shepseskare's. Ancient documents inform us of six sun temples, one for each King of the 5th dynasty except Djedkare-Isesi and Unas. So far only two have been identified.
The unfinished Pyramid of Shepseskare.

Abu Ghurab
Niuserre Sun Temple colum
Niuserre Sun Temple Solar Boat
Sun Temple of Userkaf
Pyramid of Shepseskare

Niuserre's reconstructed temple