The pyramid of Teti.
1st and 2nd dynasty mastabas. The mastaba of Mereruka. The pyramid of Teti. Mastaba of Kagemni. Mastaba of Ankhmahor.
The mastaba of Mereruka.
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North Saqqara

This area is just 1km north of Djoser's step pyramid and is dominated by the 6th dynasty pyramid of Teti. Teti is the first King of the 6th dynasty and ruled for 32 years. This is typically the first ancient site after Memphis that tourist visit. Found here are two extraordinary beautiful 6th dynasty mastabas. That of Mereruka and Kagemni. The Mastaba of Ankhmahor is also near by, but is usually closed to tourist. A few hundred meters to the north are the archaic mastabas of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd dynasties. These structures date back to the very beginnings of civilization, writing and represent a truly remarkable point in the history of human kind. The 1st dynasty mastabas are dated c. 3200 BCE. There is a strong connection with the very ancient site of Abydos in southern Egypt. There is debate amongst Egyptologist whether these mastabas are royal or high officials. In any case they represent the beginnings of Egyptian civilization.

1st and 2nd dynasty mastabas.
Mastaba of Ankhmahor.
Mastaba of Kagemni.