The Pyramid of Senwosret II at Il-Lahun

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Senwosret is Shinning
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The Queens pyramid is located near the northeast corner of Senwosret II's pyramid. Petrie found part of a name on a vase in the immediate area suggesting a Queen's pyramid Petrie did discover remains of a chapel on the north side. No underground chambers have been discovered.

A view of the Queens pyramid looking north.

The Queen's Pyramid

Another view further out, looking north.

The southwest corner of the Queens pyramid.

There is structure behind the Queens pyramid, shown as the perimeter wall on the site plan, but appears to be another 'mastaba'. Seen on the left of the upper two images.



Queen's pyramid
Height 18 m
Base 27.6 m
Volume ? cu. m
Slope ?°
Dynasty 12
Satellite Pyramids (0)
Queens Pyramids (0)

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