The Pyramid of Sneferu at Meidum


Sneferu Endures
The Stable Pyramid

Mastaba no. 17, in unfired brick, is located a few dozen meters to the northeast of the pyramid. It's owner has so far not been identified, but most likely a prince. It was first explored in 1917 by Petrie. It can be entered and a large stone sarcophagus awaits those who want to crawl through the narrow robbers whole.

A general view of the imposing mastaba no. 17. Some of the unfired mudbrick can still be seen on it's exterior.

A closer in view of mastaba no. 17. A guard hut is located on its top.

A detail view of mastaba no. 17. Some of inner core stones are visible near the top.



Height 92 m
Base 144 m
Volume 638,733 cu. m
Slope 51° 50' 35"
Dynasty 4
Satellite Pyramids (1)
Queens Pyramids (0)
Ruled 25 years

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Mastaba no. 17