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Pyramid of Menkaure viewed from the northeast

Pharaoh Menkaure, son of Khafre ruled Egypt for at least 18 years. It is the smallest of the three Great pyramids at Giza. In 1899 George Reisner was given excavating concession. In the Valley Temple he found several magnificent triad statues of the goddess Hathor and Nome deities. These are considered some of the greatest works of the Old Kingdom.

Height 65m
Base 105.46m x 105.46m*
Volume 235,183 cu. m
Slope 51° 20' 25"
Dynasty 4
Satellite Pyramids (0)
Queens Pyramids (3)
* based on Petrie

The pyramid of Menkaure Causeway.
Pyramid of Menkaure entrance.
Pyramid of Menkaure satellite pyramids.
Pyramid of Menkaure morturary temple.

Menkaure is Divine

The Pyramid of Menkaure

Pyramid of Menkaure seen from the southwest