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Cairo Nigh-Line
Cairo Skyline
Egyptian Museum
Cairo Spice Market
Saqqara from from cultivation
Giza from nearby village
Beautiful scene on side road
Mudbrick and Straw houses
Nile village scene
Fishing boats
Luxor field from balloon
Memphis village
Rx at Kom Ombo
Alabaster Sphinx at Memphis
Desert golf course
Black Mountain
Sand Dune
White Desert
Ancient Screw
Ancient grinding wheel
Ancient press
Boat in desert Oasis
Nubian Guard
Nubian House
Nubian museum Aswan
Sugar cane factory
Aswan at night
Newborn camel
Hathor column at Denderah
Denderah Temple
High relief at Denderah
Horus of Edfu
Granite columns at Bubastis

The Great Temple of Hathor at Denderah. This is one of the best preserved of all the temples in Egypt. It was built during the Ptolomeic era, 332 BCE to 30BCE, and is devoted mainly to Hathor. There is an inscription on the outer wall in the rear of Cleopatra VII, famous as the last Pharaoh of Egypt and lover of Caesar.

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