The Pyramid of Sneferu at Meidum


Sneferu Endures
The Stable Pyramid

Detail of the area of the breech. On the lower courses of unfinished outer casing notice how the first tier of blocks was smoothed half way. This indicates that work was abruptly stopped

The south face of the pyramid.

The south face of the Meidum pyramid. Notice the breech toward the mid-level. The slope of the inner core is approximately 70 degrees.

Detail of the south face on the west side looking toward the western desert.



Height 92 m
Base 144 m
Volume 638,733 cu. m
Slope 51° 50' 35"
Dynasty 4
Satellite Pyramids (1)
Queens Pyramids (0)
Ruled 25 years

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Mastaba no. 17