Pyramid of Khafre Khafre quarry marks Western Mastaba field Khufu Satellite Pyramids Pyramid of Khufu Khufu Baslat floor Khufu Boat pits Khufu Boat pits Khufu Boat pits Khafre Pyramid Temple Khafre Satellite Pyramid Menkaure Satellite Pyramids Pyramid of Menkaure Menkaure Pyramid Temple Menkaure causeway Wall of the Crow Khentkawes Pyramid Khafre Causeway Khafre valley temple Sphynx Temple Great Sphynx Khufu Boat pits Khufu Boat pits
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Pyramid of Khufu
Gixa Pyramids
Pyramid of Khafre
The Pyramid of Menkaure
Khufu's satellite Pyramids
Khufu's boat pits
Valley Temple of Khafre.
The Great Sphynx.
Khafre's Causeway.
Khafre's quarry marks.
Satellite pyramid of Khafre.
Menkaure's Pyramid Temple.
Menkaure's Satellite Pyramids.
Khufu's basalt floor.
The pyramid of Khentkawes.
Menkaure's Causeway
The wall of the crow.
Western Mastabas.
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Here the fourth dynasty Kings (2561-2450B.C.E.) built 3 large pyramids and eight smaller pyramids. The Giza plateau lies on the edge of the modern city of Cairo (pop. ~20million). The ancient Egyptians called this place 'kher neter' or 'The West'. Even today the Giza Plateau dominates the Cairo skyline and you can actually feel the presence of the great civilization who built the most impressive monuments in the world. Here we can find the Great Pyramid of Khufu. It originally stood 146.59m high with a base of 230.33meter. It was constructed with a high degree of precision with only 3' 6" off true north. For 4500 years Khufu's pyramid stood as the highest man-made structure in the world surpassed only in 1888.

The Giza Plateau


a. Pyramid of Khufu
b. Pyramid of Khafre
c. Pyramid of Menkaure
d. Khufu Satellite Pyramids
e. Khufu Basalt Floor
f. Khufu Boat Pits
g. Khafre Pyramid Temple
h. Khafre Causeway
i. The Great Sphynx
j. Sphynx Temple
k. Khafre Valley Temple
l. Pyramid Khentkawes
m. Khafre Satellite Pyramid
n. Khafre quarry marks
o. Menkaure Satellite Pyramids
p. Wall of the Crow
q. Eastern Mastaba Field
r. Western Mastaba Field
s. Central Mastaba Field
t. Menkaure Causeway
u. Menkaure Pyramid Temple