Pyramid of Shepseskaf
Pyramid of Pepi II.


Pyramid of Teti.
Dkoser complex. LEPSIUS 29 NORTH SAQAARA Archaic mastabas. The pyramid of Teti. The Pyramid of Sekhemkhet. Gisr el_Mudir The sector of Unas The pyramid of Userkaf The Pyramid of Pepi I. The pyramid of Merenre. Pyramid of Ibi Pyramid of Pepi II. Pyramid of Shepseskaf Central Saqqara South Saqqara The pyramid of Djedkare-Isesi
Mastaba of Mereruka.
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Pyramid of Userkaf. (under contruction)
Pyramid of Unas.
Djoser complex.
Gisr el-Mudir.
The Pyramid of Pepi I.
Pyramid of Djedkare-Isesi.
Pyramid of Merenre.
Pyramid of Ibi
1st and 2nd  dynasty Archaic mastabas.
Pyramid of Sekhemkhet.

Saqqara is a very large and ancient site. Dominated by the step pyramid of Netjerykhet Djoser, the first monumental stone structure in human history. There are 16 known pyramids at Saqqara, the most of any site in Egypt. Pyramids from 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th dynasties can be found here. It would take several days to even see a part of the area. 3 days are a minimum. King Djosers' step pyramid can be seen from as far north as Giza and south Dashur. It is very imposing and sets to mood for the whole Saqqara necropolis. We owe most of what we see today at the Step Pyramid to Jean-Philippe Lauer, who spent more than 70 years here reconstructing the site. Personally this was the first ancient site that I visited in 1992 when I visited Egypt for the first time. And it truly captivated me and still inspires to this day. There are several old kingdom mastabas here of extraordinary beauty that would make to trip Egypt worthwhile all by themselves. In addition the to Sarapeum (bull galleries), the monastery of St-Jerimiah, the tomb of Horemheb, and the 1st and 2nd mastabas to list just a few points of interest. Saqqara is traditionally divided in 3 areas by the Egyptologist. The north sector, includes the pyramid of Teti, the mastabas of Mereruka and Kagemni, the 1st/2nd dynasty mastabas and the baboon galleries. The central sector includes the 3rd dynasty step pyramid of Djoser, the 5th dynasty pyramids of Unas and Userkaf, the 3rd dynasty pyramid of Sekhemkhet, the Sarapeum the mastabas of Niankh-khum. Akhethotep, Irukaptah, Khenut, Nebet, Khenu, Mehu, Seshesehet, Neferherenptah and the Gisr el-Mudir a mysterious structure just west of the pyramid Unas. It is in the burial vault of the pyramid of Unas that we bear witness to the oldest religious text in the world. The southern sector includes the 6th dynasty pyramid of Pepi II, Merenre, Pepi I, the fifth dynasty pyramid Djedkare-Isesi, the 4th dynasty pyramid of Shepseskaf and the 7th dynasty pyramid of Ibi.

The Pyramids of Saqqara
Djoser's Step Pyramid
Gisr el-Mudir
Lepsius 29
Pepi I
Pepi II
Matabt al-Farun (Shepseskaf)
1st and 2nd dynasty Mastabas
Masataba of Mereruka
Mastaba of Kagemni
Mastaba of Ptah -Hotep
Mastaba of Ti
Mastaba of Irukaptah
Mastaba of Niankh- Khum
Mastaba of Akhet-Hotep
Mastaba of Ankhmahor